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    Make the first step - Join a program! CrossFit is a method of training that utilizes functional varied movements executed at high intensity. More than just a gym, we offer beginner to advanced level classes in functional exercise, athletic conditioning, strength training, plyometrics, kettle bell training, olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, gymnastics, rowing and running.

  • 3 WISE MEN

    3 Wise Men !!! Help celebrate our Veterans on 11/11/14

  • Barbells For Boobs

    Oct 25th Breast Cancer fund raiser for Barbells for Boobs!!!! Come join us to raise money for women that need assistance to get mammograms.

Today’s Workout

I am Crossfit Somers

  • WOD Oct 20

    Workout of the Day
    Warm-up: PVC Stretch
    Split Squat 3X10
    10 Single Arm Trap Raise
    Hang Snatch
    8,6, 6X2
    3 Rds
    4 minute running Clock
    2 Building Runs
    20 Wall Ball
    Max Pull Ups
    Rest 3 Min – Repeat
    Score is total # Pull ups

    After Party: Stretch & Roll

    Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

    Sarah                          49
    Todd                            58
    Mike C                        78
    Bill                               81
    Diane                          80
    Laurie V                      42


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